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Let us introduce ourselves to those of you who do not know us yet. Hybridge Learning Group is an agency that provides services for students with autism. We started as a small group consulting to school districts. As the staff and client base grew, we transitioned to become an in-home provider of ABA Therapy.  Now, we have just moved into a larger office space to accommodate for all the new services we are offering, including social skills groups, staff trainings, parent trainings, and a therapy clinic. While the office is located in Somerset, NJ, we service areas all over the state, so don’t be shy about inquiring. We are in 13 New Jersey counties as well as Staten Island, NY,

We are excited to start a blog as a resource for professionals, families, and anybody who is looking to learn a bit more about autism and ABA Therapy. It will include activity ideas, real world tips, upcoming events, autism news and updates on HLG Happenings. We hope to provide learning opportunities for therapists and families, from how to maximize your effectiveness as a home-based therapist to how to support your child after the therapist has left for the day.

Below are a couple photos of the new office space! (Click a photo to see it larger)

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts!


Entering the office. Check out that Hybridge blue!


The waiting area. Don’t mind how bare it is, more is on the way!


Our conference room ready for Social Skills Group and both parent and staff training


We’re still filling up the space. Don’t worry though, there is plenty of room to grow and fill with photos of our students!

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