Let’s Hear It For The Dad’s!


With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to show all the dads of people with autism some love! We are so grateful for the fathers who continue to show their love and commitment to their children. I’ve compiled a few highlights of some fantastic dads to share!

Julian Hung

Julian is the father of a boy with autism and writes often for the Huffington Post. He covers topics such an the importance of parent training and how ABA had made a significant difference in his son’s life. One of this posts can be found here.

Autistic Like Me: A Father’s Perspective

Autistic Like Me (ALM) is a feature length documentary that looks into the life of fathers of children with autism. Here is the trailer:


ASD Dad is a blog where the father of a young boy with autism, “C” shares his thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I love the post entitled “Small Victories” which discusses the day he noticed that C’s nails needed to be trimmed. It was the first time they needed to be trimmed in months, as C had transitioned to a new school and was experience such high anxiety that he bit his nails before they had a chance to grow.. Long fingernails were a sign to ASD Dad that his son had finally settled in his new environment. He states “I’ll remind myself that progress isn’t usually measured in big leaps and bounds, but in victories as small as overgrown fingernails.”

ASD Dad can be read here

Autism Village

Another fantastic dad! A Pennsylvania father of a 13-year old with autism has developed an app that will allow users to rate and review various community settings (such as restaurants, parks, theaters, etc) on their “autism friendliness”. The app is still in its final stages of adjustments before being released. You can read about it here and be on the look out!

The Fatherhood Project

This an ongoing project to highlight fathers of all walks of life in order to help others navigate what being a dad means to them. This video features the parents of Liam, a young boy with autism. His father Matt says, “Instead of being this sort of superhero for their kids, I think that a good dad is just someone who humbles themself in front of their kids and finds ways to reach at their kid where they are and say ‘I see you. And I love you.’”

“If you can’t see the gift in having a child with autism, you’re focusing too much on the autism and not enough on the child.”

by Stuart Duncan – father of a child with autism and blogger

Happy Father’s Day!


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