HLG Happenings Feb.2015

Wow! Has it only been a couple of weeks since my last update? So much has been happening since then! The new office has transformed into an inviting working and learning environment. Those who have stopped by would definitely agree that we have added some personality. We have been busy decorating, adding workspaces for our transient employees and hosting trainings.  Here’s a bit of what has been going on lately:


Skill Building Clinic

A new service we’ve begun offering is a Skill Building Clinic. It’s unfortunate that occasionally there are families that we aren’t able to help in the home. Currently, not every insurance plan has the autism benefit. In New Jersey, you are only guaranteed to have the benefit with a fully-insured plan that originates in NJ. More than 50% of the remaining states hold the same standard, so there are good chances of having coverage, but it can be devastating to a family to discover that they do not have coverage for ABA Therapy. Click Here for more information on types of plans and laws that impact insurance coverage.

If a plan does not cover ABA Therapy, the out of pocket cost for home-based therapy can be quite substantial, so we came up with a solution. We designed our Skill Building clinic with these families in mind.  The Skill Building students have session twice weekly in our office. Each student has their own therapist who is in training. The program is overseen by our Clinical Staff Trainer,  who simultaneously trains the therapists and works with the students. Programs are designed and monitored by a BCBA.

We are about halfway through our first 8-week session and are looking forward to many more! Contact us for more details.


Social Skills Group

Another really fun new service we have been providing are Social Skills Groups. Since November 2014, small groups of children with autism as well as typically developing peers have been working together on developing their social skills. This is a way to work on the little nuances of social interaction that are difficult to teach one on one in the home where peers may not be available. The groups play games and learn lessons which target specific skills and students have individual goals tailored to their own needs. The groups are supervised by a BCBA, with support from therapists.. In March 2015, we will be adding a second group! We will now have a group in both Metuchen and Somerset, NJ. If you would like more information about social skills groups, Click Here


Family Appreciation Day

This has been a long time coming. As HLG grows, we are feeling a bigger and bigger need to let our families now how much we appreciate them. On April 25, for Autism Awareness Month, we will be holding a Family Appreciation Day in a beautiful park. Being an in-home provider, we only get to meet the families we work directly with, and our office staff rarely meets anybody. We’re very excited to put faces to voices and have some fun! Invitations have been mailed to join us for food, fun, and entertainment!


Employee of the Month

To go along with showing love to our families, we can’t forget all of the people who are in the field every day! Hybridge has introduced an Employee of the Month program! Any Employee is eligible whether they are part-time, full-time, in the field, or in the office. We’ve given two awards so far! Congratulations Kelly and Bethina!! Kelly is our Office Manager. She is the heart and voice of Hybridge. Bethina is a new therapist to HLG but her talent, skill and professionalism have shown us over and over how much she deserves this honor.


Getting Cozy

Check out a few of the new additions to the office. We’re waiting on a few more things to come in, so it will get even better from here:

IMG_1804 IMG_1805 IMG_1806


I plan to regularly post HLG Happenings as we can’t seem to stop growing…not that we’d want to! 🙂 Look out for our next update, when we will discuss our summer program!


Tell us in the comments section what changes you’re most excited about!




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