ABA Autism Treatment Preferred by Physicians:
How Hybridge Learning Group Helps You Help Your Patients

Evidence-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for social, developmental and communication issues.

Autism treatment starts with you—the physician. As parents’ first resource when their child exhibits behaviors outside the range for typical development, you are the important first step in helping parents find evidence-based ABA therapy—and Hybridge Learning Group is a proven autism treatment referral you can make with confidence. Whether the initial concern is a speech delay or other atypical behavior, a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gives our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) essential information to begin autism treatment.

Concerned families call on their physicians to help them assess and access behavioral, educational, psychopharmacologic, and other autism treatment options. When it comes to ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy for children with an ASD diagnosis, doctors in New Jersey and Delaware consistently refer to Hybridge Learning Group.

ABA Therapy Data You Can Use

Besides the progress ABA therapy can achieve for your ASD patients and the beneficial training and support we offer their families, we strive to ensure that partnering with Hybridge Learning Group helps you deliver optimal care:

  1. ABA Data Sharing with Referring Physicians. We’ll provide useful data and observations upon request; for example, observations during ABA therapy sessions can help you in assessing how well a medication may be working.
  2. Facilitating Delivery of Medical Care. Using differential reinforcement tools (DRA and DRO) and other ABA-based interventions, ABA therapists can help prepare a child for doctor visits, making it easier for you to examine and deliver the best possible care to children with ASD who may otherwise be uncooperative.
  3. Educational Materials for Families. Parents appreciate efforts to keep them informed. We’re happy to share ABA educational resources to address questions and build understanding among the families you see in your practice.

ABA Therapy – A Mainstay of Autism Treatment

austin_treatmentYou’ve read the autism research underscoring the need for and effectiveness of early intensive behavioral intervention for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. ABA is the most rigorously tested and evidence-based behavioral intervention for ASD. Autism research attests to the effectiveness of Hybridge Learning Group’s ABA therapy.
As you know, for ABA therapy to be covered by insurance in Delaware and New Jersey, families must have your diagnosis of ASD and sometimes a statement of medical necessity for ABA services.

ABA Therapy Specialists in New Jersey & Delaware

Along with physicians and families, Hybridge Learning Group completes the team for children with autism, providing in-home ABA therapy services for individuals as young as 18 months through adulthood. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) create, supervise and coordinate all ABA programs at Hybridge Learning Group. Autism therapists carry out the one-to-one ABA therapy programs in the home.

We work with ASD learners in New Jersey and Delaware at all functioning levels – from severe to mild – who present with a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Speech delay
  • Social skills and social communication deficits
  • Developmental delays
  • Maladaptive behaviors
  • Feeding deficits and food selectivity

ABA teaching methods and services that may be used in the home include, but are not limited to:

  • Verbal behavior skill building – teaching language and addressing speech delay by focusing on the function of words
  • Differential reinforcement – using positive reinforcement to reduce problem behaviors. DRA and DRO (differential reinforcement of alternative behavior and differential reinforcement of other behavior) are cornerstones of this approach
  • Discrete trial instruction – teaching skills by breaking them down into smaller, teachable components
  • Natural environment teaching – teaching skills “away from the table” during routine daily activities
  • Incidental teaching –taking advantage of naturally occurring activities in order to teach different skills and promote generalization of those skills

Since autism affects every child differently, the teaching environments, methods, and strategies used in our ABA therapy programs vary depending on each child. One common thread that runs through all our autism treatment services: We use what kids love to do and keep their motivation high by appealing to what interests them.

ABA Therapy Success: Why New Jersey & Delaware Physicians Recommend Hybridge Learning Group

1. Qualified ABA Staff.
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with special autism training and experience serves as our medical director. Board Certified Behavior Analysts supervise and coordinate all programs. ABA therapists who directly carry out autism treatment receive ongoing training from supervising BCBAs who stay up to date with autism research and the latest advances in the field. All ABA therapists undergo regular supervision checks and must maintain strict performance standards to continue working with children and families.
2. 10+ Years and Low Staff Turnover.
We’ve been around for more than a decade delivering ABA therapy focused on autism treatment. Low staff turnover helps us maintain consistency and develop highly skilled staff with a focus on providing comprehensive instructional programming using the latest, most innovative ABA techniques available.
3. High ABA therapy satisfaction levels.
92% of families responding to our 2015 satisfaction survey said they were happy with ABA services delivered by Hybridge. Besides physician referrals, word of mouth from satisfied parents is a leading source of referrals.
4. Less Wait for Autism Treatment Services.
ABA therapy through Hybridge can start with minimal delay after successful pairing with an ABA therapist.
5. ABA Data Sharing with Referring Physicians.
This can help support your medical decisions and keep you informed on your patient’s progress.
6. Facilitating Delivery of Medical Care.
Using interventions such as differential reinforcement (DRA and DRO) and other highly effective tools, ABA therapists can help prepare a child for doctor visits, making it easier for physicians to examine and deliver the best possible care to children with ASD who may otherwise be uncooperative.
7. Educational Materials for Families.
Hybridge is happy to provide you with educational materials for your waiting room or as handouts to parents. Just give us a call at (908) 917-2552.


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