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The HLG FastTrack Program

The FastTrack Program was developed to target learners under 3 years of age. Because these youngest of learners rarely have full day options or extended services, starting quality therapy as soon as possible is paramount. In our program, learners will start receiving therapy within three weeks of initial intake. Services can be provided in addition to, or in lieu of, those received from the NJ Early Intervention program.

What should parents expect?

Our young learners have the opportunity to have in-home programs or center-based programs.

We don’t want parents to be therapists or instructors, but we do want you to help! So we teach you how to easily carry over what is taught during therapy.

We assess areas of need in everyday life and create goal-based objectives to help your child acquire skills that are significant to him/her and your family.

Parents should expect a program that is as unique as their child.

Parents should expect to be listened to as no one knows their child better.

Parents should expect a well run ABA program, which naturally includes ongoing data collection so we can all see the progress your child is making!

What can we do for your child and family?

If you can name it, we can work to teach it! From potty-training to playing with trains. From dressing to playing dress-up. From reducing tantrum behavior to eating at the table… We help with it all!

We come to your home or your child may attend our center-based program.

We can supplement an existing ABA program you may have through Early Intervention or your school district, or we can work with you to create a new ABA program to meet your child’s needs!

We teach by utilizing what is motivating to your child, such as games and toys… After all, kids should be kids.

We believe kids should be kids and our job is to teach programs that are practical to every child’s individual developmental level.

The science of ABA does not have to be mundane. To us, science is all about having fun! So we will play with cars and dolls and build with blocks, all while seamlessly integrating the principles of ABA into your child’s session.

HLG FastTrack Program

For Learners Under 3 Years

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