Why we do what we do:

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Our mission is to create positive, life-changing moments that build on a learners’ talents and gifts.

Our philosophy is steeped in only using teaching strategies that are empirically validated to deliver positive and effective instruction to children with developmental disabilities. To enhance our students’ growth, we will focus on the talents and gifts that each child brings and use these as motivation for successful skill building and relationship development.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that looks at how people behave, and uses a scientific process to analyze methods to modify these behaviors.

But science to us is all about having fun! So we will play with cars and dolls and build with blocks. We will facilitate play dates, help learners manage chores, and take trips to the mall, if needed. From our youngest learners to our oldest learners, we will use the principles of ABA to break complex skills into their smallest parts and teach beyond our learners’ levels. We say we teach beyond levels and not “to levels” because we are always trying to increase the skill set our learners possess. Learning is a lifelong process, for anyone and everyone. At HLG, we are proud to help facilitate this process for the learners with whom we work.

The misconception is that you can’t have fun while providing ABA services. We staunchly disagree. We use what kids love to do and with what they love to play to teach new skills and maintain gains. We keep a learner’s motivation high so, at times, they don’t even realize they are in “session.”

We are happy to explain our process in more detail. Contact us for more information.

The HLG Difference

Why Parents Should Choose HLG

We know there are a number of providers who offer ABA services and the task of choosing the right one can be daunting. After all, when it comes to educating and supporting your child, every parent wants the absolute best.

At HLG, we pride ourselves on having well-rounded, expert board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) that supervise and coordinate all programs. Under the direction of our clinical director, May Beaubrun, our BCBAs stay up-to-date with the latest research outcomes so we remain at the cutting edge of any advances in the field. Our behavior technicians, who directly carry out programming, receive ongoing training from our supervision staff so the information disseminated  can be applied quickly and effectively. All staff members undergo regular supervision checks and must maintain a predetermined level of performance to continue working with our learners.

But the biggest difference that sets HLG apart is our ability to listen to you as a parent. While we are the experts behind the science of behavior, you are the expert on your child. We rely on you, as a parent, to be a collaborative member of the team. We want your feedback regarding goals, programming and progress. Our approach is not to walk into your home with an immediate list of dos and don’ts. Rather, we want to observe your routine and figure out how to help seamlessly integrate ABA-based principles into what already happens in the home. We believe parents are more apt to “buy-in” to a program that does not flip their livelihood upside down unnecessarily.

Give us a call and ask to speak to families with whom we currently work. There is no better advice than that given from a fellow parent.

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woman and toddler playing with wooden construction game

Why School Professionals Should Choose HLG

School districts, like individual families, only want the best for their learners. The difficult aspect to working in a school setting is the amount of confounding variables across a school day. At HLG, we understand the uniqueness of working with learners with special needs in a school setting. Whether it be in a special education classroom or a general education classroom, our BCBAs and consultants are experienced helping educators get the most out of their learners.

The difference that HLG brings is that our school district BCBAs were all former teachers. They know the nuances of a classroom. They know how to get the most out of a little. Our school district BCBAs are efficient, effective and knowledgeable. What you won’t get is a consultant who disregards a teacher’s natural talents and efforts. We work with the educators to enhance their strengths and develop an areas of deficit. We work extremely hard to seamlessly integrate ABA practices and principles into an educator’s standing routine. But, if a routine needs to be modified, it is done on a collaborative basis.

Pair these efforts with years of experience working in the classroom and you have a formula for success!

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“We pride ourselves on having well-rounded, expert board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) that supervise and coordinate all programs”

Whether in home or school, we ensure that every program is customized and tailored to the individual learner.

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