The acquisition and maintenance of new skills and behaviors are best learned in the setting in which those skills will most often be used. For your child, this place is the home. Working on skills in-home provides your child a fantastic spring board for the acquisition of desired behaviors. At HLG, we take a very systematic, yet fun, approach to home programming. We utilize the full home environment so children learn to generalize skills quickly and effectively. Learn more >>


Similar to home programming, we take a systematic, yet fun, approach to learning and gaining skills. Center-based programming allows us to control the environment so we may contrive learning opportunities for your child at a higher rate than in the home or community. Your child will also have the opportunity to gain skills in group instruction, social communication and engagement, and generalization. Learn more >>



If you need support understanding how to seamlessly seize teachable moments throughout the natural course of a day, parent training is for you. Applying ABA principles to these moments helps keep instruction consistent across teaching sessions and settings. Parent training empowers you by giving the tools needed to confidently address and modify target behaviors. Parent involvement is highly emphasized in all home-based programs.


Our speech language pathologists have a breadth of experience working with learners with autism and other special needs where speech and language is affected. Our SLPs will assess your child and create a specific plan to target language production, oral motor movements, feeding and/or any area of concern. Further, if your child uses an augmentative device or sign language to communicate, please know our SLPs have the skill set to help your child advance. *(Only available in Flemington Center-NJ)


Your child may experience difficulty with specific motor movements, motor planning and/or managing their body in space. If this is the case, our occupational therapists will work with your child on creating an individualized plan with objectives that incorporate practice routines designed to target the area(s) of concern. *(Only available in Flemington Center-NJ)


HLG is able to provide ABA therapy in schools, when needed. Our BCBAs may also work directly with teachers and educators on IEP goal planning, classroom behavior management, individual classroom strategies or any area where learners with autism need further support. Learn more >>

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