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ABA Therapy for ASD that Integrates Learning with Fun.

Some of the core ABA strategies we use to achieve optimal results:

Differential Reinforcement:

A specifically applied process of reinforcing positive behaviors and withholding reinforcement in the event of undesirable behavior to foster successful behavior modification. Watch Video


An important first step and ongoing activity in the ABA process; a way of building and maintaining trust and keeping a child motivated by associating fun, comforting and enjoyable activities with the BCBA or therapist. Watch Video


helping a child understand that skills or behaviors learned in one context are to be applied appropriately in other contexts as well, regardless of the setting, people, time and other changeable stimuli present. Watch Video

You may have suspected that your child’s development wasn’t advancing in a typical way, but no parent is ever prepared to learn that their child has an autism spectrum disorder – ASD. It’s natural to experience powerful emotions of confusion, helplessness and even grief, and wonder what an ASD diagnosis means for you and your family.

ABA Therapy Works with Communication Skills, Social Skills Training and Building on Strengths

While ASD doesn’t resolve on its own and there is no “cure,” applied behavior analysis – or ABA – can help your child build on existing strengths and develop additional skills to achieve his or her full potential despite the challenges of growing up with an autism spectrum disorder. Hybridge partners with parents to create an autism treatment program as unique as their child that identifies and capitalizes on their strengths while helping them modify behaviors that interfere with communications skills, socialization and other aspects of their daily living.

Autism treatment using ABA therapy principles and supervised by experienced BCBA staff is available for kids with ASD.

Autism Treatment that gets results.

behavior analysis is the therapeutic technique most widely used and accepted for the treatment of ASD. ABA therapy incorporates a variety of scientifically proven treatment modalities to address all types of behaviors associated with ASD. As an autism treatment, it can be used to teach communication skills, provide social skills training, and help your child replace problematic behaviors with functional skills.

Every BCBA & ABA Therapist at Hybridge Specializes in ASD

Because applied behavior analysis is used in treating behaviors in a variety of individuals and contexts, not just autism spectrum disorders, it’s important to verify that the therapeutic intervention agency you work with is staffed by specialists with specific ASD training and experience. The certified and experienced BCBAs (board certified behavior analysts) and ABA therapists with Hybridge Learning Group specialize in the effective use of ABA therapy specifically for ASD.

ASD communications skills, autism social skills training and a focus on letting kids be kids underpin our comprehensive, applied behavior analysis approach to your child’s development.

Your ABA therapy provider can have a great deal of influence on building the foundation for the life-long skills your child needs, so the quality of the ABA intervention and its relevance to the specific needs of your child with ASD and your family is very important.

Autism Treatment Options: Create a new home-based ABA therapy program for your child or supplement an existing ASD program from Early Intervention for your school district.]

Hybridge’s comprehensive in-home ABA instructional programming uses current innovative strategies to educate and improve the lives of children with ASD and their families. Experienced BCBAs supervise and coordinate all programs. BCBA supervisors at Hybridge stay current with the latest outcomes of applied behavior analysis research, keeping us at the cutting edge of any advances in the field. ABA therapists who directly carry out programming, receive ongoing training from our BCBA supervisors. This way, the advances can be applied quickly and effectively.

ASD Communications Skills & Autism Social Skills Built with a Collaborative Approach

While we are the experts behind the science of behavior analysis and its application in treating children with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, you are the expert on your child. We rely on you to be a collaborative member of the team. We want your feedback regarding goals, programming and progress. Our approach is not to walk into your home with an immediate list of dos and don’ts. Rather, we want to observe your routine and figure out how to help seamlessly integrate ABA-based therapy principles into what already happens in the home.

Autism Treatment Training for Parents
BCBA staff and ABA therapists at Hybridge also empower caregivers through parent training to apply ABA therapy principles and seize “teachable moments” through the natural course of a day. This helps keep ASD instruction consistent across therapy sessions and in different settings.

ABA Therapy that’s Fun and Effective.

ABA therapy can be both effective and fun in treating ASD. We use what kids love to do and with what they love to play to teach new communications skills and maintain gains. With autism spectrum disorders, we keep learners’ motivation high by appealing to what interests them.

To learn more about our in-home autism services, click here or call us to find out how we can help your family and your child with ASD.

Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy; We Help You Navigate the Process

When it comes to covering the costs of autism therapy, navigating the insurance process can be a daunting task. That’s why Hybridge actively supports current and prospective clients in accurately determining insurance benefits and eligibility and accessing them in a timely fashion— including handling authorizations and billing. We help see your claims through from start to finish, making sure that your policy is working for you; our experienced administrators have a firm understanding of insurance law and years of experience dealing with virtually every type of insurance policy.

We are an in-network, participating provider with most major carriers and we’re able to work with any insurance company that allows for the ABA benefit.

For more information on how we can assist you with insurance matters and covering the cost of applied behavior analysis therapy, visit our Insurance web page. or call us at (855) 796-7518.