ABA Therapy in NJ and DE

We know there are a number of providers who offer ABA therapy services in New Jersey and Delaware. The task of choosing the right autism treatment can be daunting. After all, when it comes to educating and supporting your child, every parent wants the absolute best. We believe we set ourselves apart by providing the highest quality ABA therapy services while still allowing children to experience childhood.

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Early Intervention for Under 3

At the earliest signs of autism in toddlers, we take a unique approach to the intake and application of ABA therapy services. Research has long indicated that Early Intervention –applied behavior analysis for autistic children as early as possible– results in better outcomes. Therefore, an autistic child can’t wait to start ABA services. Without a school program and limited Early Intervention, what should a parent do?

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HYBRIDGE Accepts Insurance

In-network provider for most carriers

Experts in handling benefits and eligibility

Tech solutions for claims management

We obtain maximum allowable benefits

We do all the calling and all the heavy lifting!

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Why Choose ABA Therapy?

Quite simply, Applied Behavior Analysis is the most widely researched and tried and true intervention for teaching learners with autism. The outcome data is astounding when compared to other methodologies. ABA just works!

A common belief is that ABA therapy is very concrete and rigid in its application. However, ABA is extremely versatile. Principles and varied modalities of ABA can be applied to teaching any behavior observed, such as play skills, social skills and/or communicative language, to name a few. ABA therapy is not a fad and not a miracle therapy. However, with proper application, loads of hard work and talented instructors, learners may see outstanding gains in development. At HLG, we strive for excellence.

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Why Choose Hybridge?

At HLG, we pride ourselves on having well-rounded, expert board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) that supervise and coordinate all programs. For parents with an autistic child, know that HLG mission to make the learning process fun and enjoyable. Please watch this video to learn more:

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